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#1:  O-train -
redigeret af JOEP d. 12. Jul 2016 19:48

Udvikler: Game Freak
Udgiver: Nintendo og The Pokémon Company
Platform: 3DS, 2DS, New 3DS
Størrelse: TBA
DLC: Formodes at der distribueres Pokémon som i tidligere spil
Dato: 23. november 2016
Genre: RPG
Antal spillere: Single-player, online/lokal multiplayer

Tråden hvor vi diskuterer, spekulerer og annoncerer alt med relation til Pokémon Sun og Pokémon Moon!

Mit forhold til Nintendo er kompliceret ;I

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#646:  Thetof91 -

Skal der så komme en dawn også? Smiley

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#647:  JOEP -

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#648:  JOEP -
redigeret af JOEP d. 5. Oct 2017 08:05

Ny japansk trailer for Ultra Sun / Ultra Moon:

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#649:  Myssenberg -

Husk at Pokemon har udgivet en kode, hvor man kan få en Pikachu med Ash-hat i sit Sun eller Moon spil Smiley Koden er PIKACHU20 Smiley

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#650:  JOEP -

Man kan få en kode til Marshadow i Gamestop fra nu til 16. november.

Den mystiske Marshadow lister sig ind i kampen med sit signatur-angreb Spectral Thief! Med denne kode får du adgang til Marshadow på niveau 50 og følgende stats:

Level: 50
Ability: Technician
Item: Focus Sash
Moves: Spectral Thief, Close Combat, Force Palm, Shadow Ball
Z-Crystal: Marshadium Z


Level 50
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#651:  JOEP -

Der er masser af detaljer om de kommende Ultra Sun / Ultra Moon her

Junichi Masuda in in charge of fully supervising the game.

Game Freak was greatly relieved to learn that Z-Moves were well-received by fans.

For Sun & Moon, Game Freak worked on balancing bosses by making them beatable if players use proper strategies or suffer if they go in recklessly.

After completing work on Sun & Moon, the staff felt that there was still more they could do in the Alola region.

The reason they’re releasing Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon is to offer players some variety before the current image they get stuck with the same image of Alola.

The story isn’t a “sequel.” It’s a “story that has a little divergence” from Sun and Moon.

Characters from the “Ultra Expedition Team” make an appearance, and that’s where the story changes. They appear at the opening of the game, so you’ll be able to start the game with excitement.

On top of a different main story from Sun & Moon, there’s an additional new episode after entering the Hall of Fame. Game Freak teases that those who are looking at it as what Platinum was to Diamond and Pearl, can expect an even more ultra huge change coming.

The Ultra Expedition Team arrived from another world through an Ultra Wormhole. A new element is being prepared that will have the protagonist and company dive into the Ultra Wormhole and visit all kinds of different worlds.

Pokémon will be much easier to collect and train compared to Sun and Moon.

Using the “Ultra Warp Ride” to travel to other worlds, you’ll even get to visit a world with Legendary Pokémon. For example, you can meet and catch Mewtwo. That’s all Game Freak has to say about that for now and they’ll leave it to your imagination whether we’ll get to meet other Legendary Pokémon.

If we put it simply as far as story volume goes, the addition of Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon should about double the current story volume for the Sun & Moon generation.

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