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Big Brain Academy: Brain vs Brain annonceret - kommer 3. december

Skrevet af JOEP - 02-09-2021 16:07

Nintendo har i dag annonceret Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain, der er sat til at blive udgivet den 3. december. Spillet fokuserer mere på multiplayer end tidligere Brain-spil, og du kan udfordre venner og familie i hjerne-gymnastik. Du kan se meget mere til spillet i traileren her og ellers læse mere om det i første kommentar:

Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain kommer til at koste 229 kr. på eShop, men udgives også fysisk.

Hvad tænker du om spillet?

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#1 - JOEP

Level: 47 (Boo)

02-09-2021 16:58

This holiday season, get ready to have a brainy blast playing the Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain game for the Nintendo Switch system, a fun new multiplayer party game that anyone can play! After picking up this easy-to-learn, tough-to-master game, you’ll go brain-to-brain with others in a series of fun, family-friendly activities that are sure to test your wits, as well as your reflexes. And with the ability for each player to set their own difficulty level, people of all ages and skill levels can play against each other in challenges that will test their memory, analysis, identification skills and more. (If you can repeat those skills back without looking, you are already on your way to dominating the memory challenges!) To see the game in action, check out the announcement trailer here.

In addition to fun multiplayer modes, Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain also includes single-player options in Solo mode, perfect for daily exercises to help finesse and improve your Big Brain Brawn score. These activities are an enjoyable way to start the day or wind down at night. And with the portable power of Nintendo Switch, you can challenge yourself anytime and anywhere!

“Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain has the type of easy-to-pick-up gameplay and variety of accessible modes that feel right at home on the Nintendo Switch family of systems,” said Nick Chavez, Nintendo of America’s Senior Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Communications. “This is a clever game for minds of all ages – perfect for family gatherings or a little fun competition among friends.”

The core gameplay in Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain consists of a number of different brain-teasing activities. They are made up of five categories – Identify, Memorize, Analyze, Compute and Visualize. There is a wide assortment of fun activities that will challenge your brain in different ways. These activities can be played solo, with up to three other players locally or even against brains from all over the world using other players’ data downloaded from the internet.

In Party Mode, up to four players can go “brain vs. brain” to earn the highest points by quickly completing activities. By adjusting the difficulty from easiest (Sprout Class) to hardest (Super Elite Class), the activities will change – with the most difficult setting serving up quite the challenge! And each player can set their own level of difficulty to balance the playing field, so kids can even compete against their parents without fear of one of them falling behind!

But not emerging victorious from an intense multiplayer brain battle is not the end of your synaptic story! The game includes a Practice mode, a place to replay your favorite activities to earn high scores and medals. Practice mode is a great way to improve your skills, so the next time you compete with friends or family in a multiplayer match you might have a better chance to emerge with the brawniest brain of all!

Another mode in Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain is Test. In this mode, you are tested in a series of five activities. At the end, Dr. Lobe (your distinguished host and guide in the game) presents you with your Big Brain Brawn score. Aim for the high score and you might better your chances in the next brain vs. brain battle! Regular testing will earn you in-game coins, which can be used to unlock costumes for your avatar. Testing your brain is always more fun when you’re dressed like an adorable kitten!

You can even challenge the play data – or Ghosts – of your family, or connect online to battle the Ghosts of your friends or random players from around the world in Ghost Clash mode. Improve your ranking to show off your skills to people all over the lobe… er… the globe!

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#2 - BroSmash

Level: 7 (Korok)

08-09-2021 12:35

Kunne godt være fristet til at hoppe på det her. Var ret stor fan af de oprindelige spil Smiley
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