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Killer Queen Black får ny trailer - udkommer nu i tredje kvartal

Skrevet af JOEP - 07-02-2019 17:50

Det er under en måned siden, at vi kunne fortælle, at indie-spillet Killer Queen Black var blevet udskudt til udgivelse til sommer, men nu har udvikleren så været ude og fortælle, at spillet udkommer i tredje kvartal i år, dvs. engang i juli, august eller september, så udgivelsen er potentielt set blevet skubbet en lille smule.

Som plaster på såret udgives spillet nu også fysisk, og der er udsendt en ny trailer for det:

Du kan læse den officielle udmelding her:

The Glam Rock-inspired 16-bit art-style will require some rocking new tunes, so instrumental power metal cover band Powerglove will provide the theme and end-of-level stingers. Check out the game’s brand-new second trailer for a taste!

Battle for the hive in two teams of four – one Queen, and three Workers. Coordination and adaptability are the keys to dominating opponents. The Queen enters the fray armed with a stinger she can use to both attack the other team and defend herself, as she’s the only Bee with limited lives. Her heightened maneuverability and wings help her cross the battlefield quickly and tag power-up gates on the map, claiming them for her team.

But what’s a Queen without her loyal subjects? Workers excel in adaptability, making them essential for game-winning objectives. While initially defenseless, by grabbing a berry and taking it to the gates, Workers can boost their speed, become Soldiers, wielding maces, swords, shields, and laser rifles, or even do both and transform into deadly-quick aggressors. Choose whichever form helps the team pursue one of three different types of victories.

Economic Victories task Workers with collecting berries on the battlefield and bringing them back to their home base. Prefer a more aggressive style of play? Slay the opposing team’s Queen three times with either a Queen or a Soldier to earn a Military Victory. Finally, one snail waits in the middle of each map. Slowly ride it back to base and secure a Snail Victory. Win three times, and the game’s over. Ascend the ranks and there’s a chance to become the dreaded Black team.

Any given time there is one Black team playing in the world, clad in special, glowing outfits. Once dethroned by up-and-comers, the usurpers become the new Black team. These nail-biting competitions will be broadcasted at all times, making the ultimate team a coveted, constantly-shifting goal.

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