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Moonlighter får Friends and Foes-opdatering i dag - fejres med tilbud

Skrevet af JOEP - 13-02-2019 14:56

Moonlighter udkom med noget forsinkelse i november måned til Switch efter at have været ude på øvrige platforme siden maj 2018. Spillet har dog solgt rimeligt på Switch, og det har høstet fine anmeldelser. I dag udkommer der så en større opdatering til spillet, som tilføjer en masse nye fjender, minibosser og bekendte til spillet, og som selvfølgelig også retter nogle fejl.

En trailer er blevet udsendt for opdateirngen, som du kan se her:

Listen over ændringer kan du læse her:

We have developed 9 new familiars. To get them, you need to kill a particular enemy type 10 times. Then, a special Egg will appear! After 3 days, the egg will hatch inside your farm – and your new friend is going to be ready for action! Each familiar has different mechanics. They can damage enemies, restore your life, get items for you, act as an additional chest and more

We have added 8 minibosses! They will appear as guardians of the dungeons, securing gateways leading to deeper rooms. They will emerge at the end of the first and second floor in each dungeon.

Zenon’s Campfire
From now on, when you visit the dungeons at night, Zenon will be there, sitting by his campfire, ready to tell you some stories of old, about Rynoka and Moonlighter’s world. Those tales will be unlocked with the game’s progression.

Tomo Stories
We’ve modified and added more lines for Tomo. They should explain her relationship with Will better, shedding some light on their mutual past.

Banker Information
We have introduced a lot of special warnings and UI changes to avoid the Banker “stealing” your money. A lot of you forgot to revisit that mustachioed capitalist and were losing the investment.

Sorting Items
We’ve added a sorting method inside the inventory.

Get the Broom!
We’ve added the possibility to get the Broom™ from Le Retailer (if you’ve managed to lose it somehow!). The Broom™ is important for getting some achievements – so we hope you’re gonna like that little feature!

Prices Update
We’ve added a new system in the Shop to better inform whenever Item’s price gets updated.


General Fixes:

    Improved item “picking-up” mechanic. Items should no longer “fly away” from Will
  • Damage absorption buff (orange health bar) gained from sleeping in the upgraded bed was increased in the New game+
  • Fixed issue where some weapons could not be enchanted beyond the first upgrade
  • Fixed issue where Wishlist could display wrong information about ingredients when an item was added to it at the Witch
  • Fixed issue with ingredients for weapon enchanting
  • Fixed minor issue with Hawker item prices
  • Fixed minor UI issues at the Witch and Wishlist
  • Fixed minor localization issues

Dungeon Fixes:

  • Desert dungeon pillars should no longer lock the player in the dungeon room
  • Hermit Slime no longer can mix up corrupted dungeon items in the character’s inventory
  • An issue where Bard Puppet could become invincible (flying golem from the Desert Dungeon) is now finally fixed
  • Character no longer gets stuck when opening a chest when the Wanderer (green monster) is about to destroy it
  • Golem Dungeon Boss’ hand slam attack should now follow the character properly
  • Fixed issue where 5th Dungeon Boss did not receive damage from arrows during one animation
  • Fixed Forest Dungeon Boss’ leap attack damage

Shop Fixes:

  • Fixed issue where Will could get stuck in the shop not able to open counters, sleep or exit through the door

Som en sidste service kan det også oplyses, at spillet pt. er på tilbud med 25 % rabat, så du nu kun slipper 149,75 kr. for spillet mod de normale 199,75 kr.

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