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Animeret lanceringstrailer for Dead Cells-udvidelsen The Queen & The Sea udsendt

Skrevet af JOEP - 07-01-2022 07:27

Den tredje og sidste større udvidelse af Dead Cells er netop udkommet, og den bærer titlen The Queen & The Sea. Udvidelsen bliver omtalt som den største hidtil og byder på nye våben, nye områder og en helt ny boss. Du kan købe pakken nu på eShop for 40 kr., men du kan også købe de tre pakker samlet for 80 kr. Herunder finder du en animeret lanceringstrailer for The Queen & The Sea:

Bemærk desuden, at Dead Cells pt. fås med 50 % rabat, hvilket også gælder de eksisterende DLC-pakker.

Har du set frem til mere indhold til Dead Cells?

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#1 - JOEP

Level: 48 (Magikoopa)

07-01-2022 07:29

The Queen & The Sea DLC takes place within two brand new Biomes: The Infested Shipwreck and The Lighthouse. Parallel to the High Peak Castle and Throne Room levels, the new Biomes introduce players to a rotten shipwreck where you will be hunted by eldritch horrors (of course) through the bowels of this spooky and haunted old vessel. The second Biome, The Lighthouse, introduces vertical exploration of a soaring tower in which players will scramble upward as fast as they can to outrun rising flames while simultaneously fending off highly skilled warriors who want nothing more than to end your run. This final Biome is as epic and refreshing as it is challenging.

And because we can’t introduce new Biomes without also introducing a horrific new Boss, an all-new and unexpectedly elegant character makes its debut at the top of The Lighthouse. Introducing The Queen. And so that you are greeted afresh and without expectation, we’re not going to say anything more about her until after launch. You’re welcome.

To combat the new enemies and challenges you’ll encounter, The Queen & The Sea introduces a new evolving pet to add to your arsenal and nine deadly new weapons. Your new pet, the Leghugger, is an evolving, summonable creature who feeds by attacking your enemies until it slowly transforms into its stronger adult state which is … well, kind of awesome, we think. Among the new weapons in the DLC is a Hand Hook that throws enemies into walls, The Abyssal Trident, which is a hidden treasure in the depth of the shipwreck attainable by a secret side quest, and The Queen’s Rapier, a powerful weapon that slices through reality. Plus, tons of new outfits and secrets to unlock. And yes, you can now throw a living shark at mobs in Dead Cells.

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