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OneClick Wi-Fi

Skrevet af GoOby - 01-08-2008 20:31

Mangler du nogen at spillet med, eller ønsker at kende personen du spiller med over Wi-Fi, kan du tilmelde dig denne service, der lader dig få en ny Wi-Fi oplevelse.

Siden åbner i dag, og her er en udtagelse og en beskrivelse af sevicen:

Commune, connect and compete as the premiere Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection community relaunches on August 1st with all new ways to play people online.

Registration on the site is easy and free: and once you’ve signed up, just put in your friend codes for each of your Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection supported games and you’ll be able to take advantage of the new matchmaking features. On any page of the site, press the ‘Play Now’ button and the site will match you up with other gamers online, and open a room with them so you can discuss the game with your fellow players.

If you’re looking for somebody to play later, OneClick Wi-Fi has you covered with the in-depth challenges system, ranking your status against other site members on our leaderboards - where getting to the top isn’t just about winning against anyone, but who you win against. The Calendar has been improved allowing you to run bigger and better tournaments, so you can prove that you’re the best player out there.

It’s not all strong competition: as you can be a part of the large community by joining groups, chatting on the new and improved forums, customise your profile (with YouTube, Twitter and Flickr support) and write what you think in your own blog. You can also contribute to the all new Games section, where you can share tips, tricks, screenshots, videos and even write your own reviews about the 150+ Wi-Fi games supported on OneClick.

All of this, with lots of extra tools such as the Decal Designer and Wi-Fi Cards so you can take a slice of your OneClick profile and share it across the web, makes OneClick Wi-Fi a great place to join if you want to play online on your Nintendo DS or Wii, hook up with friends, or just have a bit of fun - just head over to www.oneclickwifi.net today!

OneClick Wi-Fi relaunches on August 1st at 6pm GMT.

Du kan besøge hjemmesiden her.

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#1 - Lukas Skywalker

Level: 25 (Kokiri)

01-08-2008 20:43

Smart. Smart.
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#2 - Dennis Høj-Suhr

Level: 26 (Octopi)

01-08-2008 21:14

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#3 - Rotjen

Level: 1 (Goomba)

02-08-2008 00:27

Så der skulle uofficiel indblanden til, før at man kan få en Online oplevelse i stil med Xbox360 og PS3 Smiley


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#4 - Krasso

Level: 1 (Goomba)

02-08-2008 01:34

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#5 - YamiMario

Level: 1 (Goomba)

02-08-2008 07:47

God service
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#6 - Moses

Level: 3 (Koopa-Troopa)

02-08-2008 16:32

fedt men hvad er det der er så godt ved den ? er der en der vil forklare mig det Smiley
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#7 - Mecha_tails

Level: 2 (Keese)

09-08-2008 11:13

Moses: Start med at LÆSE artiklen?
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#8 - lolking1

Level: 1 (Goomba)

10-08-2008 15:14

hvorfor får jeg ikke en mail fra OneClick Wi-Fi der står det her Verification has been disabled for launch day, so you can start using OneClick Wi-Fi straight away.

You can now login with your chosen username and password, however, some functionality (such as posting on the forums) will be unavailable until you verify your e-mail. A message has been sent to the address you supplied telling you what to do next.
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#9 - lolking1

Level: 1 (Goomba)

10-08-2008 16:01

hvordan spiller man så
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#10 - Evil_knivel

Level: 1 (Goomba)

12-08-2008 18:19

fuck hvor fedt ! Smiley
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