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Super Mario Maker 2


Level: 45 (Stone Talus)

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Skrevet 18-02-2019 21:29 - Redigeret 16-05-2019 06:49

Udvikler: Nintendo EAD Group No. 4
Udgiver: Nintendo
Platform: Switch
Amiibo funktion: intet anonceret
Størrelse: 2.8 GB
DLC: intet anonceret
Serie: Super Mario
Dato: 28. juni 2019
Genre: 2D platform, kreativitet
Antal spillere: Single-player, online deling af baner
Controllere: JoyCons, Pro Controller
Nintendo website:

Har du nogensinde drømt at lave dine egne Super Mario-baner? Har du tit tænkt, at banerne er for lette eller for svære? Har du tit følt, at du kunne lave banerne bedre end Nintendo? Så er Super Mario Maker noget for dig! Her kan du lave dine egne Mario-baner og udfordre dine venner til at klare banen. Tilføj drabelige savklinger, fjern alle power-ups, tilføj ildkugler, fjern grøfter. Mulighederne er endeløse. Skab dine egne baner i flere forskellige, klassiske Mario-stile: Super Mario Bros. (NES), Super Mario World (SNES), New Super Mario Bros (Wii U) og Super Mario 3D World (Wii U) i 2D.



Level: 45 (Stone Talus)

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#1 - Skrevet 18-02-2019 21:30

En på Reddit har gennemgået traileren og pointeret alle de nye ting, vedkommende kunne se:

0:10: Nintendo have refreshed Super Mario Maker's interface for better compatibility with touchscreen required! This is most obvious with the new dial interface, which allows you to seamlessly pick and choose assets by simply moving the joystick (more on this later.)

0:14: SLOPES, BABY! Slopes come in two varieties; regular slopes and steep slopes. Sloooooooooooooopes.

0:39: Here we have a brand new enemy which behave similarly to Ty-foo's from Super Mario 3D World, sending Mario afloat with gusts of wind. In the same scene, you can spot one patrolling a block above, which means they don't fall off of blocks like Green Koopa Troopas or Goombas would.

0:41 This is our first introduction to a new world theme, Desert, and it's only fitting that the infamous Sun would be along for the ride. Oh, speaking of rides, large platforms are now available!

0:43: Here we have the introduction of directional tracks, Snake Blocks and another world theme—it's snow day at Super Mario Maker HQ.

0:46: Now for something you never would have seen in the original Super Mario Maker. You can now place water independently of which world theme you have selected! In this case, they've decided to flood the forest (another new world theme) and occupy it with (newly introduced) Blurp's.

0:48: It's only fitting that they'd introduce switches in Super Mario Maker 2 for Nintendo Switch.

0:51: You can now control how the camera scrolls in scrolling levels. But wait, there's more...

0:52: If you look closely at the interface in the last shot, you'll notice a flagpole icon accompanied by 50 coins. Here, you can spot a 50 coin quota on the upper left, which suggests that you're now able to determine different goals for each level—this could make boss rooms less fucky!

0:53: You probably don't need me to point out that there's a new theme based on Super Mario 3D World, so I'll use this opportunity to talk about something else instead. Unlike other themes, Super Mario 3D World has exclusive assets, such as Clear Pipes (replacing Mushroom Platforms), Ant Troopers (replacing Buzzy Beetles) as well as Piranha Creepers, Bullys, Skipsqueaks, Stingbys and Hop-Chops (replacing Munchers, Chain Chomps, Monty Moles and Rocky Wrenches respectively.)

0:56: Blink and you'll miss it, but here we get a sneak peek at how you'll apply modifiers and transform assets without the touchscreen—no shaking required!

0:58: Despite being 2D and based on Super Mario Maker's unified physics, the mechanics from 3D World are still present and Mario can still climb trees or clamber up walls with the Super Bell.

1:06: This seems to be a ? Block which can be influenced by directional tracks, spawning more blocks when Mario hits it.

1:10: Banzai Bills make their return...this time in 2.5D! I suspect that this might be another Super Mario 3D World exclusive. There are also gated platforms at the apex of those fences (you can see them clearly in the promotional art, more on that later.)

1:11: Ever wanted to recreate Bob-Omb Battlefield? Well now you can with tilting platforms! You might notice that some blocks have cogs on them, which could indicate that they can rotate as well.

1:12: There's also a 10 Coin coin nearby.

1:13: RED PIPES! Oh and there's a new parachute modifier, which can be applied to enemies just like wings or Super Mushrooms (as seen earlier at 0:56.)

1:14: Like water, poison can also be placed in levels...not sure what to make of that background though! A new world theme based on the likes of Superstar Road and Special Zone perhaps?

1:16: At the top of the screen you're just barely able to make out a Crystal Block for a split second. You were probably too busy looking at Boom Boom (new in Super Mario Maker 2) to notice it.

1:17: Interestingly, Banzai Bills are present in their none-2.5D forms here. There's also a sneaky Fire Bro on the upper platform before it's obscured by the title card.

Now that we've thoroughly torn apart the trailer, let's investigate some promotional material for clues as to what else we might be able to expect, because there's even more to uncover here:

Thwomps have conquered their greatest challenge yet...horizontal movement!

Cars? I'm guessing these will be comparable to the Koopa Clown Car in functionality. It can be seen ramming into (and breaking) crates, which makes me wonder, are crates destructible or can it break through all kinds of blocks?

Boom Boom is being propelled through a gated platform by the newly introduced enemy.

Could those be bounce pads that Toad is jumping on?

Cat Luigi and Cat Toadette are featured, which indicates that you'll be able to pick between multiple playable characters. Mario and Luigi are both donning their maker outfits, which suggests that you might even be able to make levels collaboratively with co-op as well.


Level: 2 (Keese)

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#2 - Skrevet 19-02-2019 07:51

Det lader ikke til at være de vilde tilføjelser Smiley det er selvfølgelig også svært når første spil var så godt Smiley håber dog på en lidt bredere online funktion denne gang Smiley


Level: 45 (Stone Talus)

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#3 - Skrevet 01-05-2019 22:13

Ny japansk trailer:


Level: 17 (Deku Baba)

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#4 - Skrevet 17-05-2019 13:38

DragonTail skrev:
Det lader ikke til at være de vilde tilføjelser Smiley det er selvfølgelig også svært når første spil var så godt Smiley håber dog på en lidt bredere online funktion denne gang Smiley

Ikke de vilde tilføjelser Smiley? De har nærmest tilføjet alt det, som fans har villet have - og mere til. Det er godt nok sjældent, at man oplever det nu om dage! Jeg har lige set Direct'en. Jeg er meget imponeret!!