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Controlleren afprøvet

Skrevet af Zøvnig - 16-09-2005 06:06

Det er lykkes for de heldige gutter fra IGN og GameSpot at få lov til at afprøve den nye controller. Vi bringer dig her en opsumering af deres indtryk under de forskellige demoer. Resten kan læses på deres egne hjemmesider

Demo #1: Point and Shoot
IGN:Like a laser pointer, the main controller was used to move a simple cursor on the TV screen and shoot square blocks for points. It was simple, merely colored lines in 2D, but effective. It was easy to get a feel for just how sensitive the device is -- it responded to all the movements quickly and smoothly. We did feel the need to use two hands, however, to steady it and improve accuracy, but that only lends to the idea of just how sensitive it is.

The first demo let us get a feel for the way the controller could be used to spice up the traditional game experience. Wire-frame and solid polygonal boxes appeared on a black background.
lue- and red-colored crosshairs tracked our movement onscreen, as well as that of controller two

Demo #2: Fishing
Much more advanced than just a simple cursor, this revealed how the controller can navigate a 3D space, moving an object on the TV screen not only left, right, up, and down, but also forward and backwards with depth

Gamespot:You could take hold of a fishing rod that rested in the center of the screen by moving the hand over the rod and waiting until your virtual appendage took hold of it. Rod in hand, we were able to move the controller around to move our virtual rod up and down, right and left, and back and forth on the screen, which affected the position of the rod's lure. Obviously, the key is to hook fish. We tried our hand at introducing our hook to a few of the finny locals. The controller would rumble with each fish nibble, providing us with our cue to reel it in. Rather than hand-crank the line, we simply had to pull back and flick our wrist back at the right moment to snag our catch.

Demo #3: Shock Stick
Like the first, this was to show how you can point and move something. It was a bit like the board game Operation, only instead of navigating tweezers you navigated a rotating stick through a two-dimensional cave. The skill was to keep a steady hand, collect coins, and don't hit the walls.

Gamespot:he third demo showed how the controller could improve your standard puzzle-type game. The demo dusted off the Kuru Kuru Kururin, or irritating stick, baton from the Game Boy Advance puzzle game.

Demo #4: Air Hockey
This blended basic pointing with something new: twisting. As you might imagine, players hit a puck back and forth by maneuvering their "hockey sticks" with the controller. The catch was that by twisting your wrist, left or right, you could angle the stick to send the puck in another direction. Twisting, in addition to hitting was actually pretty difficult in this demo. It worked to a point, but it also lacked the intuitiveness that a real table would have.

Gamespot:Rather than simply letting you move your paddle up and down, we were able to move it anywhere on our half of the screen. You could also twist your wrist to give the puck some spin, just to keep things competitive.

Demo #5: Shootin' baskets
The fifth demo showed some of the unique ways you'll be able to interact with the environment in a much more tactile way. Our cursor was placed on a simple basketball court. The obvious goal was to score baskets. However, the catch was in how we had to score baskets. We were able to create a small indentation on the ground using the controller, which let us guide the ball over to the court. We could then shoot toward the basket by pressing A when we lined up our shot. When playing against an opponent you'll be able to use these commands to shake the ball loose from his or her grip.

IGN:The game was to simply move a basketball around on the court, not by bouncing it, but instead dragging it by pressing the B-trigger in back of the remote to create an indent. The ball rolled into the crevice, and you could drag it towards the hoops.Surprisingly, it was easy to keep track of where you were on the court, allowing for blocks and steals.

Demo #6: Return to Delfino Isle
Rather than require you to use the D pad to move the plane, we simply had to move our controller left, right, up, and down. We held the controller like it was a paper airplane in throwing position. The plane was responsive, and it let us perform all manner of loop-the-loops, sharp turns, and dives with ease. The large environment afforded us plenty of room to get comfortable with the control method.

IGN:Set in the watery hub of Mario Sunshine, this demonstrated that not all controls are created equal. The remote could be held like a toy airplane, fingertips support its base, which allowed the player to tilt it forwards to dip down, back to gain elevation, and twisted left or right turn

Demo #7: Big Pokémon hunter:
The seventh demo was a simple Where's Waldo?-style segment, wherein you hunted down specific Pokémon in a picture. Movement was in full 3D, so you were able to zoom in closely on the different Pokémon by moving the controller toward the screen, and you could zoom out by pulling it away. Moving left and right obviously let you look over the whole image. As you found your target, you simply moved the controller toward it until the game registered the find and sent you looking for a new one.

IGN:The controller lent the ability to look left and right by just pointing the cursor across the map, but also zooming in by moving towards the screen (or zooming back out by moving away). One can imagine how a sniper rifle in a first-person shooter might take advantage of those kinds of controls.

Demo #8: Metroid Prime 2: Echoes
inally, the last demo of the day showed off the analog-stick attachment for the controller--which Nintendo reps likened to a nunchaku--and it was revealed how you could use it in conjunction with the main unit to play a game. In this case, the GameCube's Metroid Prime 2: Echoes was redone to include support for the Revolution controller and the analog attachment. The demo let you play through one of the early areas in the game, which felt considerably different from the original GameCube game. The attachment basically gave the game a much more PC-first-person-shooter feel thanks to the ability to free-look and aim with the main controller by moving it anywhere you wanted.

IGN:Nintendo displayed what was apparently a test by the team at Retro Studios for what they could do with Metroid Prime 3. They stressed it was just a test, quickly thrown together in just a few weeks. For this, the analog control stick peripheral was used. We held it in our left hand to control the forwards, backwards, and side-strafing motions, as well as having access to triggers in back for scanning.It was a very natural application and felt pretty smooth, but since it wasn't a polished game it did feel a bit awkward at times, making us wonder what kind of things a developer could do to calibrate these kinds of controls for users. Nonetheless, the potential is huge for the FPS genre.

Vi glæder os til en dag selv at kunne teste den nye controller.

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#1 - amnesia

Level: 3 (Koopa-Troopa)

16-09-2005 06:21 - er det mon noget?
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#2 - amnesia

Level: 3 (Koopa-Troopa)

16-09-2005 06:21

Det ser meget spændende ud i hvert fald.
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#3 - amnesia

Level: 3 (Koopa-Troopa)

16-09-2005 06:49

Det er mig der tåger, der er jo også billeder inde på Smiley
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#4 - Christian Jessen

Level: 2 (Keese)

21-10-2020 15:51

Og vi har ikke mindre end 9 billeder i nyheden lidt længere nede. Smiley
Se billederne her:
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#5 - MegaGame

Level: 2 (Keese)

16-09-2005 10:02

ja og vi kan ikke franks, eler hvad det nu er.
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Level: 16 (Space Pirate)

16-09-2005 11:30

pwww kom igennem det hele
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#7 - Mads_7

Level: 1 (Goomba)

21-10-2020 15:51

Nu tænker jeg ikke længere "Så er de solgt", nu tænker jeg "Heey! De har en chance?!" (Smiley)/
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#8 - Reawer™

Level: 1 (Goomba)

16-09-2005 17:07

Go GameSpot!
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