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Reynatis kommer til Vesten til efteråret

Skrevet af JOEP - 28-02-2024 06:13

Under den japanske udgave af Nintendo Direct Partner Showcase i sidste uge blev action-RPG-spillet Reynatis vist frem, men dengang var der ingen annoncering om, at spillet også ville udkomme herhjemme, selvom det efterhånden er helt normalt. Nu har NIS America dog meldt ud, at de forventer at udgive det på engelsk til efteråret. Du kan få et indtryk af spillet via traileren her:

Ligner det et spil for dig?

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#1 - JOEP

Level: 50 (Torizo)

28-02-2024 06:15

Den officielle beskrivelse af spillet:

Reynatis is a full-blown action-packed magical RPG in which two people with different perspectives fight for their ideals in a realistic recreation of modern-day Shibuya, Tokyo.


The year is 2024. In Shibuya, Tokyo, the Criminal Magic Response Act has issued an order barring citizens from going out at night. However, it was quickly disregarded, and few enforce it.

Marin Kirizumi is a wizard who grew up oppressed by others due to his magic. “If you become the strongest, you’ll be set free.” Following those words left by his father, he arrives in Shibuya at night.

When Sari Nishijima discovered her magic, she decided to use her powers to maintain order. She follows her own sense of justice to protect Shibuya from forces with dangerous ideals and illegal drugs that turn people into monsters.

Marin, who seeks liberation. Sari, who treats the oppression of wizards as justice. The story of Reynatis begins when the two meet in Shibuya, a place where cultures and ideas mix.


By properly utilizing Suppressed and Liberated states, anyone can easily execute show-stopping actions.

In Suppressed Mode, you are unable to attack, but you can avoid any enemy attacks with the press of a single button.

In Liberated Mode, you can go all out with your attacks, but you will be unable to defend, so timing is essential.

Players can instantly switch between up to three different characters in the middle of battle. Each character comes with their own unique abilities. Pick your characters depending on the situation to gain the upper hand!


The real city of Shibuya has been painstakingly recreated in Reynatis. Walk around the city to find everything from famous landmarks such as SHIBUYA109 to hole-in-the-wall joints that only the savviest will know.

While in Suppressed Mode, your identity and actions are concealed. As long as people don’t find out you’re a wizard, you can talk with normal civilians. During these conversations, you may receive exploration tips, as well as new quests.

In Liberated Mode, you can use your magic to explore and move more quickly. However, there’s a chance civilians will report you to the MEA, who will come after you in full force.


Pockets of Shibuya contain Fog, gateways to an alternate magical world called Another that only wizards can access.

This clandestine realm is managed by the anti-government organization known as the Guild. Those who cannot wield magic are unable to enter, and monsters run rampant due to the magic in the air. The expanse of Another contains not only forests and wilderness, but things resembling factories and museums, as well. What lies in its deepest recesses remains unknown.

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#2 - KJ85

Level: 58 (Tektite)

28-02-2024 18:45

Det undrer mig lidt, at den annoncering ikke var med i den vestlige Direct, når den lander mindre end en uge efter Nintendos præsentation. Ser umiddelbart langt mere interessant ud end det meste af det vi blev præsenteret for, men om det bliver noget, som jeg hopper på, det ved jeg ikke.
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